What Jesus said about others religion

What Jesus said about others religion

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In the bible we read that Jesus said that we should worship no other God but him. With that he was against other religions that do not worship home is good to follow what the bible say. According to this verse Jesus want us to follow all his commandments that include worshiping him only. You will find that there are people who are going against what we are supposed to do. There are many religions that some are even not worshiping Jesus they are worshiping God’s that are not supposed to be. That is why you find maybe he is angry with us as you some times a country is faced with the virus that is killing people.

This might be the anger of

This might be the anger of Jesus for us having other religions that we are following that we end up forgetting her commandments. With this verse you can clearly see that Jesus was talking about other religions saying that is only him we are to follow others are fake. We as Christians we are failing while we face challenges we are ending up seeking help from other religions that are not good. Forgetting that in the same reading Jesus said that he is the way therefore, Jesus is the only maker of heaven and earth.

What Jesus said about others religion

You would find that in verses of the bible Jesus has condemned seeking help from any other God. Christians can see this in verses therefore, is good to always have faith in him only rather than going to others religion that are condemned in the bible.

Jesus said that he is the only person whom to be obeyed as others religion are false. With the readings that outline about other religions as he said they are not good. You will find that those religions are false others are just after money but not spreading the word of God.

It is through going to a religion that is true following ways that Jesus says in the book is the only way will help each to go to heaven. Through the readings in the bible you will find Jesus says that it is always good to pray together as a church. It is the only way the Christians faith will remain to be ahead. This is by attending to church as in this Jesus will be happy with the way out characters are. Those going to other religions that are not good will be judged accordingly.