The supreme word of God

Bible is the word of the Lord, written through inspiration from God himself to guide those who believe in him. It provides spiritual nourishment to his people, educates, counsels, provides direction and helps Christians obey their God. To profess Christianity, it is a must to believe the bible and the religion’s doctrines. Followers of Jesus Christ have to understand his word properly by reading the holy book more often, all christian matters are contained in the bible meaning to disprove it would be hard if you profess that faith. Science and philosophy tend to disprove holy book in some instances, not all entire book but some contents that doesn’t conform to science.

Miracles happened throughout the entire bible

Miracles happened throughout the entire bible which contradicts to science. The theory of creation as provided in the book of Genesis contradicts the theory of creation as provided by science. Philosophy doesn’t support the biblical ideology of after life, bible says there is eternal life after death, that there will be paradise and hell, the notion contradicts science. Atheists don’t believe the existence of God but philosophically, it has been proved that there exists a supernatural being who is God. Those who deny his existence disprove the bible in entirety, it is hard to approve the book if you don’t acknowledge the source.

The supreme word of God

Out of ignorance, atheists deny God who create them, without him they wouldn’t live. Other religions have their different scriptures different from bible, such books contradicts biblical teachings in some matters but all acknowledge existence of God. Quran denies biblical fact of Jesus Christ being son of God. Bible contain some stories that may tempt even a christian to disprove them but remains true word of the Lord. Such instances include Numbers 23:28, the scripture talks of how a donkey spoke like a person. In Judges 16:29, a person by the name Samson demolished the temple with bare hands.

Even if this bible is disproved from many quarters including, philosophy, other religions, paganism among others, it is true word of Lord. Where there is conflict between bible and other books, bible becomes supreme where all others must be aligned to it. Contradictory verses in the holy book are meant to assist believers in building their faith in God. All scripture was given by God for specific reasons, they provide solutions and guidance on all matters of life including relationships.

Key thing is to know God at a personal level, knowledge of God will help believers to understand what his word says about him. To know the Lord is to know his word as provided in the bible, those who believe in him will not disprove his word because the word was with him and the word is him. Having known him and believed in his doctrines, persuaded through his word that he lives, is the supernatural being who controls the universe, it is hard to disprove his word. To understand how God works, his will and what he expects his people to do, it is a must to know his words contained in the holy book.