The power of believing in God

The power of believing in God

The scripture shows that Moses was a great man who is respected by many generations because of his courage to protect Israel from slavery in Egypt. When human arrogance is some time appeared, people forget when they were needy. And pride takes over; this is not right before the eyes of God. For example, most poor students are taken from strict feed and even sponsored.

Like humans, some time we get tempted because of sinful things globally; in schools, peer pressure makes most students abuse drugs. Being a brother’s keeper is required to make the world a better place for all lives. Its advisable to talk to your children to understand the challenges they face and find a suitable solution; many are suffering in silence because they fear judgment.

There is punishment to those who

Be responsible for your action; this happens when respecting the word of God and practice to make it stick to our hearts and mind. We relate to Michael taking responsibility to guard Moses’ body against the devil; it shows respect. When the church commits to the word of God, the world will be a better place for everyone. In most churches, the leaders are not a good example to their and sin without fear when applied. Political leaders who talk badly in public without caring who is watching, and they the wrong model to our communities.

There is punishment to those who rebel against God’s word; rebellion is also seen in kids refused to respect their parents. Idle worship was also disobeying God’s word; some time, they tend to forget the scripture’s promises when life becomes so hard.

The power of believing in God

For example, the corrupt leaders try to fulfill their desires and forget the people that choose them. But the love of God is not measured, still forgives, and gives a second chance. The danger of non-believers in society affects mostly the generation. Sinful humanity when there are drug abuse and other behavior such as prostitution. The world is a place full of the arrogance of humanity who do not care about others’ feelings as long as their desires are satisfied, as Christians should be the custodians of the word of God.

By practicing what is written in the bible and showing others the way. Some people in the workplace are so selfish because the boss is a relative or friend, therefore taking advantage to blackmail their colleagues, they even come to work late without caring the company policy this doesn’t seem right, and the word rebuke a person with such behavior.