The governing Bible Verse

The governing Bible Verse

Men will say, surely there is a reward for the righteous, there is a God who judges on earth ; this is the verse trying to live by. When you keep in mind that every action has its consequences, a sin has a penalty, good things have rewards, then you’ll try to live according to God’s will. The Lord is omnipresent, he sees everything we do, will award people according to their ways and the fruits of their doings. Yahweh brings destruction upon sinners, executing things following the word.

In the bible, we see several

In the bible, we see several instances that are proof of the Almighty living up to his word. When Israelites arrived in Canaan, the Lord would be their provider, there would be rain for their crops to grow, grass for cattle, and he would be a source of all they needed. This was to be fulfilled upon them loving God, keeping the commandments and serving him accordingly. If they went against Yahweh, his wrath would descend on them; no rain will pour, would rip nothing of Canaan which was a fertile land and were to perish quickly.

Egypt suffered from Yahweh's anger due

Egypt suffered from Yahweh’s anger due to their iniquities of oppressing the Israelites, God’s elect. Plants did not grow, there was confusion, unrest, fear among people too. Individuals neither respected their leaders nor listened to them their houses were destroyed too. People in Egypt assaulted their neighbors, killing them with the sword thereafter, stealing their things because of hunger. Humans who stray away from Yahweh’s commands and kingdom shall be strictly punished through fines, death, imprisonment all other sorts of punishment. Egypt too experienced plaques when they refused to release the Israelites. Asia was involved in the killing of Yahweh’s chosen people, their daughters engaged in harlotry therefore, suffered great tribulation.

The governing Bible Verse

They were punished with widowhood, famine, sword, pestilence, death, poverty and destruction. Glory from Asia’s power ceased, it became a weak nation in addition, children living there died of hunger. Humans dwelling in the cities were killed by swords wiping out the cities. For those in the mountains, their forests and fruitful trees were destroyed with fire. To add to that, human flesh became food, blood quenched their thirst, children there were held captive by their enemies who ravaged their wealth too. During judgment, the Almighty will judge sinners, he will not spare them.

There will be fire which will consume the foundations of the earth. Death, slaughter as well as calamities will be upon those who transgressed against him, there will be no deliverance for them. Yahweh also wreaks vengeance on the wicked, he does not tolerate unjust doings, avenges innocent, moral men. Those who perform unlimited evils to others will suffer by drought, ruin, demise also. For example, Sodom and Gomorrah were wretched with eternal fire for their immoral acts.

Godly men who are humble, fear the Lord are promised blessings as rewards such as riches, prosperity, honor, life by God, he takes care of them. Noah was faithful, a great follower of Yahweh’s commandments therefore, the Almighty saved him and his family when he destroyed the people with floods due to their disobedience. Abraham had a strong belief in Yahweh, lived according to thy so the Lord was great to him. A son was granted to him at an old age, made him the father of nations, many descendants were given to him as well.

David was God’s devoted man as a result his spirit always hovered over him. He became prosperous and was chosen among his brothers to be king of Israel despite being the youngest in his father’s house. Elijah was once hiding from king Ahab in the wilderness, since he was God’s great prophet, Yahweh provided him with food which was brought by ravens. Joseph received Yahweh’s protection when in prison since he was faithful to him. Knowing what is just, punishable before the Lord is a guidance in things done from every day to day life. These sheds light on the fact that men are accountable for all things done for that reason, you live your life with care. Evaluation of all actions whether under people’s watch or not before executing them to try and live well with the Almighty.