The Death of Jesus is the Most Important Event For Christians

The Death of Jesus is the Most Important Event For Christians

Luke chapter 23 verse 33 and John 19 verse 18 are the most significant of all scriptures. They both speak of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ in a rather sarcastic manner. The writer’s tone appears not to approve of the act and considers it contemptuous act against the innocent Son of God. The act was bad indeed, and can’t be allowed in a civilised society. Although people may have such view about this particular act, in which the Son of God, was shamelessly hanged up a tree, some jurisdictions still determine cases that involve capital punishments. Punishments could be applied to innocent victims as is the case in many criminal cases. Jesus’ case might have been such one when looked at from a certain perspective, but it wasn’t.

Adam dragged the humans into conflict

Adam dragged the humans into conflict with God in a way that left no chance to patch up. God does not change nor does his word, but fulfils everything that comes from his mouth. Adam and Eve were not to eat from the forbidden tree because it would mean their demise. God’s word once spoken, cannot be taken back but will do exactly what it says. This is one major attribute of God that should be observed keenly. Man happens to be a complete opposite in situations like that. After eating from that tree, death ensued and has been there ever since.

Why didn't God feel compassion and

Why didn’t God feel compassion and forgive them without letting death come upon them? That is a question that should seek to place things in their places by unfolding the truth about the Lord. God forever sticks with his word and will not compromise at any time. That is why in Hebrews 11 verse 3, the writer makes the word a creator. John chapter 1 verse 1 to 3 shows that the word is God. In every practical sense, the word made everything you see. Speech turned into tangible things that are visible like the sun, earth, stars, animals or even humans. That goes to show the superiority of the word of the Lord as a creator that can speak things into existence.

The Death of Jesus is the Most Important Event For Christians

According to the book of John chapter 1, Jesus was that word made flesh. That again should point to the personality that is called God. According to the law of forgiveness, as found in the book of Leviticus 16 from verse 7 to 10, there are two goats that were to be presented before the Lord. One goat was to be the scapegoat which represents a sinner while the other goat should be sacrificed for cleansing of people’s sins. According to the Mosaic laws, the sacrificial lamb had to be spotless, representing the innocent Son of God. This spotless goat or lamb is sacrificed instead of that scapegoat.

Jesus becomes that sacrificial lamb to take the place of sinners which means He has to die that cruel demise of a sinner. This is important because all plans of God are embodied in this one act. Genesis three states clearly that somebody was to strike the head of that snake. How timely it is to see Jesus make claims of all things that Satan took away including the demise of human beings. His death is more important than anything else because it brings human beings from under heavy penalty of death and restores him back into God’s arms again. Jesus’ crucifixion is such a great score against His opponent so much that all heaven shouted victory at His resurrection.

If Christ had not died, human beings would still be facing death penalty for wrongdoing. All human beings depend on Jesus to save them from sin and give them everlasting life. This again shows a great plan that God rolled out before time to fulfil later. It is just like an architect who draws out a good plan before work begins. Everything just falls into place including why man had to die. There is no way Satan can defeat God in anything. Therefore, there are attributes in the creator that had to be manifested.

Just like man whose attributes to marry and bear children often burn him out until he has achieved it, so does God. God is a savior which means something had to get lost so it can be saved. The Lord God is a healer, something that is deeply ingrained in Him and must be manifested by healing the sick. All these shows who God is and why people must consider Him as God. Everlasting life is already restored by Jesus’s resurrection and soon Christians will be ushered into it never to die again.