The Bible Verse That Shocks Many Young Christians

The Bible Verse That Shocks Many Young Christians

Christians are a group of people who believe in the existence of God. According to the Bible God is a loving father who lives in heaven. He cares for all his children especially those who do his will on earth. The average believer knows God to be a loving father who protects those that obey him and keep away from doing what is evil in his sight. A few years ago in a small village in Spain, a group of young believers went out for their usual monthly outreach. This program was aimed at reaching out to the lost (sinners).

During one of their outings, they met a young fellow, 18-years-old. He was in pain for days having lost his parents and siblings in a plane crash. The fellow was the only survivor from that crash having sustained several injuries on his body. Feeling lonely with nobody to comfort him and provide for his needs. Jack grew up in a Muslim background, his family never loved to see anyone carrying the Bible.

When his father was still alive,

While in school Jack had some friends who told him about a loving father who lives in heaven. His parents never discussed anything related to God but, Allah all he knew was the Koran. Jack knew little about the Holy Bible, he never had the opportunity of seeing one. On several occasions, his mother warned him to stay away from such friends and never to touch or hold the Bible with his hands.

When his father was still alive, Jack was prevented from associating with most of his friends, each time they saw him walking or talking with them the father will lock him up for days at home with no food or water. His passion to join them kept increasing even though there wasn’t any such opportunity for him to join them. Jack was going through pains but, had nobody to console. Most of his friends were Christians but, even after the death of his parents, he was still afraid of going to them.

The Bible Verse That Shocks Many Young Christians

Fortunately for Jack, a group of Christians were on their usual evangelism to preach and talk to people about God. On that particular day, they decided to visit Jack because he hasn’t been to school for a while. When the team of young evangelist met with Jack they spoke to him about Christ. Jack was already a young Christian who loved God and admired the Christians but, didn’t have the opportunity because of the restriction by his parents.

One Sunday morning, Jack decided to follow his friends to church, that was his first time. When it was time to read the Bible the priest opens the scriptures to Proverbs 1:26-28 and read. “For the Lord will laugh at your calamity, he will mock when your fear comes”. This sounded strange to Jack who just lost his family hoping to get comforted. Jack left the church angrily thinking maybe his late parents were right when they warned him to stay away from Christians and never to touch the Bible.