The Bible And Faith

Faith as defined according to Hebrews eleven verse one as, the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Verse two further explained that, by faith, the elders obtained a good report. The elders are heroes of faith as documented in the Bible from the Old Testament to the New Testament. The good report they obtained was the reward of their faith in God because they care to believe him for his words. Faith is word made! What is called faith oftener than not is word based, that is believing in the integrity of the speaker, as a truthful personality that cannot lie.

It’s believing God’s word without doubting, as it is impossible to get salvation without faith. It is written that whosoever will come to God must believe that he exists. Therefore it’s impossible to believe the existence of God without faith in him. The truth is, you cannot be a Christian without faith, it doesn’t have to be a strong faith, a measure is enough to believe that God forgives sin, and he can forgive a sinner.

God made the world, and everything

Romans chapter ten verse ten states that, with human’s heart, faith is born to righteousness, and with the mouth, word is spoken to be saved. This Bible quotation means that, if you have faith, you will speak what you have faith about. It follows that, both heart and mouth are the major instruments of faith. Not just the two, but also action, the book of James chapter two verse seventeen read, “Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone”. The “works” in the quotation is the action, all together; heart, mouth, and action, are the three fundamental elements of faith.

God made the world, and everything contain in it by faith, that is why Hebrews chapter eleven verses three explained that, it was through faith that God framed the world by his word, thereby bringing into existence the valuables that were not existing. It is interesting to discover from that scripture, how powerful faith can be. God spoke what he wanted to see on the earth, and they came. That means, even God practice what he’s preaching.

A strong tool that sanctifies is

Galatians chapter five verse six have it that, faith works by love. Regardless of the level of your faith, it can only produce a suitable result by love. Love in this context is the love of God, and the love of man. As powerful as faith is, it is not as powerful as love, reason is that, the almighty is about love. He’s concerned about the genuineness of humans towards him, and towards fellow humans. The almighty valued love so much that, he subjected faith under it. Love is the greatest spiritual virtue!

A strong tool that sanctifies is faith, Abraham as a case study. God’s word declared in Romans four verse three that, “Abraham believed God and it was counted unto him for holiness”. Abraham walked with his creator, believing all things, which in turn earned him lots of blessings from God including wiping of his sins. Holiness is a state of no sin, before Christ came to the world, it was impossible to be declared holy, but the father of faith earned it, having trusted God in everything.

The Bible And Faith

Mark chapter nine verses twenty-three documented that, if you can have faith, everything is possible. If Jesus said, all things that all things are possible, Christ actually mean what he said. He does not play with words, and if there be anywhere found in scripture, where Christ said anything more than once, it is for emphasis purpose. Jesus mean whatever he says, and says what he mean.

We saw the combination of the basics of faith, as mentioned earlier in Mark eleven verse twenty-three, anyone that will say to the mountain to be removed and be cast into the sea, but shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe the declaration as a done-deal, such a person will get what has been declared. This scripture sum up the three basics of faith, which are; heart, mouth, and action. Combination of this trio, according to Jesus Christ while describing faith surprising act, will destroy all problems, thereby making faith a powerful tool, that’s a must-have after salvation.