Similarities of certain bible verses and Suras

Similarities of certain bible verses and Suras

Religion has a major influence on people’s way of life in various environments. Islam and Christianity have some texts that convey similar messages to either readers. Attempts are made by those who are knowledgeable of both books to bring either similarities or differences with sufficient evidence. Understanding this clears chaos in our minds while broadening knowledge on some issues.

Bible commands Christian to worship only God because Old Testament speaks of Yahweh killing individuals who paired His worship with those of other deities. In New Testament speaks Jesus spoke of avoiding idolatry while committing to worship the Lord. Yahweh still holds on monotheism without compromising it despite modernism of mankind. Quran has chapters written that Allah having absolute right to be worshiped because Allah sustains creations. Therefore, both books clearly communicate that worship is directed to God.

Creation and events prove authority God

Angels were created to praise God in His presence without ceasing. They perform duties given to them; they offer praises to He that is seated on the throne. Before the birth of John the Baptist, an angel appeared to Zachariah to give a message to him. Islamic scripture records it that they give Zachariah good tidings of John. Regardless of numerous roles that angels play an important one of offering worship to Yahweh together with delivering His message to humanity.

Creation and events prove authority God has with Him; this authority is also displayed by servants sent to human beings from Him. All things made are made through His commands together with power in it. Quran speaks of Allah bringing things into existence, this shows authority without limit. Creation has it that Jehovah creaed things from power by His will. For planting seasons to be successful Yahweh has to bless it since He either uplifts it or curses it. Bible and Quran support this argument of God making plants grow because in Eden He made plants grow. Agricultural success is credited to Jehovah because the Lord controls climatic conditions.

Heaven is a goal for believers

Resurrection on judgement day of God will divide people into those condemned and those rewarded. God never compromises standards of holiness, Yaweh is a just judge over everyone with no conditions tied to it. Islamic scripture notes it that worldly life is short-lived and justice is experienced on resurrection day. From the two texts it appears that events will happen concurrently. Preparedness is necessary for people of both religion because eventually a verdict will befall every individual before Jehovah. Every phase of life humans pass through there is a need to be ready for any event.

Heaven is a goal for believers who do what is in line with teachings from the scriptures. Quran speaks of the faithful enjoying paradise prepared by Allah as new home for victorious people. Jesus through scriptures promised to prepare rooms for those Christians who conquered worldly pressure while persisting on holy character. Bible describes heaven to be full of peace free from suffering where people enjoy God’s company. A good place is admired by Christians who are subjects to criticism from other human beings.

Similarities of certain bible verses and Suras

Fasting draws believers close to Yahweh and at this time they can submit their problems to God for solutions. Jesus went for fasting in order that Christ receives strength for his mission of redeeming humanity. Muslims take part in fasting on specific time and dates of the year, their fasting is to make them pious for a reward. Devotion is necessary when taking part in fasting and prayer to show seriousness with spiritual life of either believers with spiritual leaders showing good example.

Charity is emphasized in Islam and Christianity through their teachings of scriptures. Quran records that charitable persons please God by giving to poor people in their society, during times of Ramadhan they practice charity. John the apostle advices believers to share generously with individuals in need of food. Jehovah replenishes cheerful givers who do not expect anything in return. Generosity cultivates a feeling of oneness among persons in various environments.

Jesus is perceived a prophet both in Islamic scripture and Bible with duties to accomplish in his mission. In Islam, he has authority bestowed on him by God with everything he does being blessed. A call to serve in prophecy is a task that requires obedience with perseverance though support from individuals is not guaranteed. Prophets in both religion are messengers sent to help humanity to walk in a truthful way.