Scary Bible Verses They Never Talk About

Scary Bible Verses They Never Talk About

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If there was ever a book that surprisingly lived past its time and usefulness, then it has to be the Christain bible. This is what you get when every new generation is indoctrinated into a human culture they never signed up for. The bible is full of a lot of scary, and unethical assertions. These are the verses your preacher overlooks and instead cherry-picks what’s good for business on Sunday. It is generally asserted that these words were written by a supreme being that loves everybody, but their context doesn’t appear to support such claims. You’ll be exposed to these scary verses in a minute, try and keep an open mind while at it because some are obviously not for preserving the human species.

According to Luke 16:23, it appears

According to Luke 16:23, it appears that the good lord has an agenda against the wealthy class of society. It describes how a rich man is in the fiery pits of hell, looking at up Abraham, and the poor man, Lazarus, all the while being in pain, and wishing for mercy from the poor man. This implies that the rich will be punished for not taking care of the poor. From a neutral, and sane perspective, this has to be a scary verse to the rich, who by the way, had no part in making part of the society poor. Some of these rich people work really hard to make an honest living.

Scary Bible Verses They Never Talk About

Leviticus 20:10 bluntly states that any person married person that has sex out of wedlock should be killed together with their partner in crime. Imagine if every person took this verse in stride and that every member of society that cheated on their spouse was put to death. Almost a third of the human population would be dead every year. Here you are, walking home one day after cheating, all the while telling yourself that compassion and forgiveness are the main themes of your religion, then someone appears and slits your throat. This is not in any way a justification for cheating on your spouse. Cheating is wrong on so many levels that thinking otherwise undermines the whole institution of marriage, but that doesn’t mean killing cheaters improves the situation.

Stick around, there’s more where that came from, which is the bible obviously. Exodus 35:2 explicitly says that people who open shop on Sunday should be put to death. If you think the bible is pro-life, then you’ve got another thing coming. Deuteronomy 22:20-1 commands the lord’s people to stone to death any girl who is found not to be a virgin on her wedding day. Other verses like Deuteronomy 7:1-2 encourage genocides and mass murder. Therein, the lord’s people are to forcefully take over leadership of other nations, and while at it, kill all the original inhabitants of that new place. Any attempt at making peace is to be ignored, instead, they were to end every human life.

God is not your friend buddy, neither is he your guardian angel. You are probably trained to selectively understand that compilation of Jewish mythology, but you probably don’t know that the same entity you look up to for protection is the architect of your suffering and demise. In Ezekiel 20:25-26, you see how the good lord admits to misleading the very humans he created and even claimed to love equally. The standard definition of an evil person is one that pushes another person to their detriment, and against their preference. Such verses are never in short supply, and they all reek of evil and horror. If this is the lord’s idea of preserving humanity, then he loses the right to be humanity’s moral compass. The writer of this piece may sound like they have other things going on, but they don’t, they’re just stating the obvious herein.