Roman Catholic Church never change the bible

Roman Catholic Church never change the bible

The bible is referred as a book containing Gods word to human beings on how to live their lives. It is also a library of books combined into a single document. Books in the bible were written by different authors of different times and regions. The Holy Spirit is said to have driven the writer of these holy oracles. Since begging of Christianity the bible has been translated and even edited to various languages. During copying of biblical text there were many changes of writings. Such alteration lead to losing of original written and seems not to be correct due to fact of scripture being spiritual influences.

Protestant arose to accuse Catholic Church being a major cause of the changes made to biblical scripts more so on New Testament. Not only was Catholic Church blamed on New Testament but also on the old one. The first recordings of old writings was done by Prophet Moses after Israelite departed from Egypt. Before their slavery, men of God for example Abraham who is a fore father the Israelite communicated to Yahweh directly without a written text. After Torah books other books of Old Testament were written by other authors though it consisted of thirty-eight titles it’s said others were not added.

Actually, facts are true that Roman

When Israel was attacked by foreign invaders like the Greek many of the Hebrew people were scattered in different places for they brought to exile by such communities. Being scattered in those areas, Hebrews came to understand native languages while in exile. There was still a need to connect with their belief which lead to translation of Old Testament to Greek referred as Septuagint which happened in Alexandria. Septuagint was used by Pharisees and scribes during Jesus times.

Actually, facts are true that Roman Catholic Church did alter the bible by adding the New Testament since there only existed old. The new covenant began after the death of Jesus Christ meaning not wrote during his birth. After Resurrections of Christ, his disciples spread the good news through evangelical work and writing of scriptures. Oracles of major disciples of Christ make up the New covenant. Rome church picked out such books and compiled them to form what is now known as Christ covenant.

As church grew the Vulgate was

Due to Rome dormancy after the death of Christ there rose a need of holy oracle translation to Latin since it was the dormant language during those periods. Jerome, a scribe a pointed by pope Damascus was the first to put these scriptures to Latin know as Vulgate. He covered the old covenant followed by the new one and at the time his version became the Christian Bible is still basis of catholic bible. It’s with possibility that Jerome wasn’t sure about organization of the Apocrypha, he only did what was required of him to do.

As church grew the Vulgate was the main library which wasn’t disagreed upon by anyone, until the rise of protestants. Protestants rebelled against universal church point out mistakes in their customs and Vulgate itself. Council of roman add other titles to reaffirm protestants they were right. Martin Luther thrashed Apocrypha and deleted them from his version in German.

Roman Catholic Church never change the bible

In the roman era copying of the bible was an outlaw since it was seen as a way of engaging more protestants to revolt. People who copied scrolls related to biblical concepts faced challenges of writing text was long, tiresome and when caught put to death. Protestants claimed reasons as to why Catholic Church didn’t allow publishing of scriptures was it feared that members would rise and question their acts like making of statues with worship of Virgin Mary goes against Ten Commandments given to Moses. Through numerous coping of oracles with raising opposition, original data was lost.

Though protestant continuously claim the Roman Catholic Church changed bible which seems not to be correct since its this church that compiled scriptures in a commendable way. Catholic Church has provided monks who spent hours copying scriptures indoors. Catholics have preserved biblical context for years without which context would have been neutralized or even lost just like other unmentioned religions during ancient period. Therefore, Roman Catholic Church never changed the bible as claimed although opposition of protestant lead to continuous rewriting due to their disbelief to Catholic.