Most misinterpreted bible verses

Most misinterpreted bible verses

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In the bible the verse that says where two or three are gathered the Lord almighty will always be with them. You find that the verse is somehow misinterpreted as it means that as a church we should always help each other when they have problems. It can be if your church member is facing ant challenge as a Christians is good for you to go have something for him. This bible verse that says that for he knows the plans that he has for us this is the most misinterpreted verse that you will find people get this in different ways. The verse is about encouraging each person that God has a purpose for them. It is for persons who may feels that they have reached the end of her life the verse is meant to give them hope.

This is what the verse meant,

This is what the verse meant, but there are others who interpret this verse by saying that it tells Christians to always gather together to church as a family. For this, the verse outlined in the bible is there to encourage all to be supporting others while they are in need. Example if a church member is sick you should go look how they are fairing pray with them to give them hope of recovering. In doing this God in heaven will be happy with our ways.

Most misinterpreted bible verses

There is another verse in the bible that says that God always blesses you even when you are still asleep you will find that people will defend themselves with the bible verse saying that they cannot wake up early to get something to put on the table. This verse is meant to encourage all not to lose hope or think much about where they can get money. You must work hard for you to get something for your stomach as even the same bible also tell us that we must work to eat.

Those who don’t have to work they are not supposed to get something that they have not worked for. In this verse there are the persons who may misinterpret this saying that it is not necessary to wake up early to find bread for your family as the bible says that God blesses everyone even when sleeping. Reading the bible is much more important but the good thing is to have this while you are still fresh. This is especially in the morning when your mind is still fresh in this you will have to understand the meaning of the bible.

Another thing is to consult others if you don’t understand any verse from the bible. This is because there are those that have the gift of interpreting they can interpret for you whenever you don’t understand. With this you will have a good understanding of the bible rather than just misinterpreting then you end up doing what is wrong. It is good to read the bible every day not only the time of need help from him you can always have your bible wit you each time.