Faith in business, isn’t a bad idea after all

Imagine walking to a fast food restaurant where you get replenished physically and spiritually. Some companies like Forever 21, Cook Out, GoldHens openly display bible verses on their merchandise. Businesses are evolving to portray human qualities to break off from the corporate image people held before. Chick-Fil-A doesn’t print bible verses on their cups as much as the founder was a Christian. Printing Bible verses on cups don’t sound like a bad idea, though; customers can quench their spiritual thirsts while sipping on a drink.


S. Truett Cathy, identified as a Christian, also led a life based on biblical principles, which were notable by everyone who knew him. All restaurants are closed on Sunday for the sabbath to rest as God commands in scripture. Closing on Sunday didn’t affect the success of the restaurant either. S. Truett Cathy’s active involvement in charity work because of the value he placed in people. All the establishments operate in the same model to continue on the excellent work started by the founder.

Faith in business, isn't a bad idea after all

The Bible requires believers to work diligently in service to God and humanity. Chick-Fil-A employees guarantee a memorable experience both from the delicious food and service tailored for your satisfaction. Businesses should aim at addressing customer’s needs before profit. Entrepreneurs like Cathy encourage Christians not to shy away from confessing their religious beliefs. According to scripture, Christianity is a way of life that should reflect God’s ways to the world. Customers appreciate businesses that are inclusive without discrimination on any basis.

God created all people with unique capabilities that we should exercise to bring him glory. Though the restaurant doesn’t print bible verses on their cups, the life and principles they hold reflect Christ. As customers order their sumptuous chicken sandwich, they should draw lessons from Cathy’s legacy. God’s blessings are open to all who have faith in him. Speaking out on beliefs shouldn’t be used to show superiority but show God’s nature.

Biblical principles can be beneficial if applied to all facets of life because they come from the universe’s creator, who knows it all. Now that we understand Cathy’s reason for doing business, we can conclude that the principles drawn from the Bible led to the restaurants’ success, service to God and humanity reaps success. Walking with Christ opens up opportunities to prosper in miraculous ways that don’t fit the norm. God promises to bless all that seek him first abundantly.