Does The Bible Oppose The Concept Of Trinity?

Does The Bible Oppose The Concept Of Trinity?

The word trinity in a simple definition means “united three”, that is, three united into one. It is a proposed fact, accepted to an extent that God is three in one (God the Father, existing as the Son and God the Holy Spirit). A basis upon which most or all of the Christian doctrine establish. Christians believe that God exists in these three forms, for this reason, at creation God said “come, let us create man in my image, in my likeness”. There was also a statement from Jesus Christ where He stated “he and his father are one”.

Several controversies, questions and confusion has

Several controversies, questions and confusion has risen regarding the personalities that make up the trinity. Does the trinity exist as three independent beings or a being with three personalities. The bible has addressed this situation in selected verses and chapters, but, understanding depends on the person reading it, her mindset. The way a verse will be read, understood, explained or translated by someone will be totally different from another person’s point of view. First bible passage to be considered is the book of Matthew 22 vs 44 to 45: The Lord said unto the Lord, sit thou on the right hand, till he makes your enemies your footstool; If David then call him Lord, how is he his son?”. People raise a question as there seems to be a confusion or misplacement of identity if God is calling himself God telling him where to seat. Are they really in one being or different beings?

Another point extracted is the question

Another point extracted is the question of why David addressed Jesus with the title since he was meant to be David’s son. In Matthew 24 vs 36: “But of that day and hour no man knows, no, not the angels of heaven, but my father only”. Now the question comes, if they are one person, how come he didn’t know the day or was it a pretense not to tell the disciples the day. These seem to be valid point as they contradict existing concept of trinity. John 14 vs 28 says, explaining how the disciples have heard of the savior, going to heaven to meet his father. How it was expected of them to be happy about such announcement since he was coming back, as the savior is one with the father. Here, strikes up the question, who is greater than whom, are they not together as a being?

Does The Bible Oppose The Concept Of Trinity?

The controversy goes on, let’s review more bible verses to uncover more questions. John 20 vs 17 describes how Jesus stated that he is ascending to his God, this nullifies the idea of the trinity. Who else exists as God apart from Jesus if they are meant to be a single person? Other verses of the bible include; Matthew 27 vs 46, John 17 vs 1, they all contradict the idea of trinity existence. As there exists controversies, there also exist support for the existence. It may seem a confusing situation to be certain of the exact truth, bible itself is referred to as a two-edged sword.

Verses portray that teachings of trinity may seem illogical or unbiblical, but, of course the Christians dispute that fact strongly. With them, it is a case of “don’t question God or whatever is done or wills as whatever happens, happens for a reason far beyond man’s thought or imagination”. In mark 11 vs 12 to 14, Jesus expressed his anger at the barren fig tree and cursed it never to bear fruit again. First point to note is, how can a spiritual being be hungry, since he is perfect, why come in the form of a human being. Besides the fact that he should have known that wasn’t a fig season and there was no way figs would have produced fruits for consumption.

It is not clearly stated in the bible to describe God’s nature, just figments of hints that is turned into a widely accepted assumption. There is only a single verse that comes close to the doctrine is first John 5 vs 7. which states the existence of 3 beings that bear record in heaven. It doesn’t explain if they are all in a single body, or they all coexist as different beings.