Christianity Isn’t the Most violent Religion

Being the powerful tool around the world, there is no secret that religion is the source of major violence across the continent. You need to remember that the history of man has seen the rise of notable conflicts originating from religious differences, including the Crusades and the Thirty Years War. For instance, the crusades saw the Christians and Muslims face off each other in an effort to regain control of Israel. This religion conflict was followed closely by the Thirty Years War that is responsible for dividing the Christian faith. The thirty-year war saw the rise of Protestant believers, a fraction that split from the Catholic faith. It’s worth knowing that several people have continued to ask questions about the relationship between Christianity and several violent activities.

If you want to answer this question, it will be important to look at both the origin of Christianity and how the Bible teaches about violence. Throughout his life, Jesus spent most of his time teaching people about peace and forgiveness. This is means that any form of violence is prohibited in Christianity. Pew Research reported more than two years ago that more than 57 countries around the continent experienced these form of conflicts. Over the decades, Christians are expected to bring peace, love and not to say nothing of harmony. However, leaders of this religion have attracted various accusations for fueling rivalries among people. This is one of the actions that has divided social scientists across societies.

Even though this might be the

There are some scientists that are still maintaining that rivalry based on the religion is not part of Christianity. Richard Dawkins believes that Christianity is the major source of conflicts since it has engineered hatred by sanctioning killings. It is important to note that various forms of attacks among the Christian faithful are attributed to Saint Augustine who started war for self-defense movement. Although this movement was supposed to stop to prevent Christians from attacks, many Christian faithfuls are using the opportunity to punish their enemies.

Even though this might be the case, the fact that Christians are less violent cannot be taken for granted. Available data shows that Muslim world plays a leading role when it comes to financing and carrying out religious conflicts. There is no secret that Muslims are behind every single attack that’s witnessed in society. It’s good to understand that most Islamic attacks are inspired by lack of religious tolerance that can never be described.

Christianity Isn't the Most violent Religion

Various social researchers, including Justin Lane associate violence to racism concerns that exists in various communities. Plenty of them believe that violence is a product of the social-political challenges that affects people. Although Christian leaders are always blamed for not doing enough to stop violent acts, a good number of these leaders have been helping many marginalized people in society.

People should avoid blaming all the followers Christ since there are good numbers of Christians that have taken various initiatives of mediating peace agreements and promoting non-violence activities. A good number of them have taken a united stand against torture while ensuring that reconciliation mechanisms are promoted. It will therefore be unfair to consider Christianity as the most violent religion.