Christianity and The Truth

Christianity and The  Truth

Christianity is a religion that stems from the belief in God; having trinity-embedded teachings in its roots. It has its major focus on the work; teachings; life and resurrection of Christ. The community has got several denominations which ultimately believe in the same ideals but have slight differences in between them. As a result, there are Christians around the globe with different ideas on what is right and what is wrong. Even the handling of these situations are in some cases so different. For instance, the catholic denomination is okay with homosexuality and is condoning marriages of that nature after the Pope accepted and announced it, some time ago. However, other denominations absolutely do not accept this act; calling it unholy and a sin.

In the religion, there are things done that could force individuals toward the opposite side of the faith entirely. It is not the scripture exactly that is the issue here, the problem is how the words and scriptures are twisted and turned around to spew hate and fuel the wrong ideas. The scripture says, “Judge not lest ye be judged” but the reverse is what usually ends up happening; the hypocrisy.

The Christian faith has got issues

Certain sections of the bible emphasize that children should be trained, in other ways punished as a way to ensure that they follow in the prescribed path for them. A good example of this is found in Proverbs 13:21. Simple as it is, it is often misunderstood by certain sects of Christians to mean beat the child which is not ethical. This fosters bitterness in the soul, and will make the child rebel and really hate authority. Why would these type of instructions be given? That is something to ponder over.

The Christian faith has got issues with the members with the LGBT plus community because of statements made in the Bible about it. Certain verses even prescribe death upon these individuals, therefore, equating it to a capital offense. What is their crime? It was daring to be in love and in relationships with their partners in the open. According to the current constitution in some countries same-sex marriages and relationships are legal. It is common knowledge that this is a human right accepted by many except for the Christian body where the morality of it is still a point of argument.

There are several concepts in the

An example of these sorts of scriptures include Leviticus 20:13 which states that, “If a man lies with a man as one does with a woman, they both are detestable. They must be put to death and their blood is on their heads”. Is the punishment prescribed humane? The possibility is what needs to be figured out.

There are several concepts in the scriptures that are problematic to the modern eye; when we are talking of respect for parents, guardians, and elders in general. The thing is, with the current influx of older people taking advantage of little children and molesting, or even beating them. Basically brutalizing them for sport; and that is not fair to these young souls. And because of the verses like “Children obey your parents in the lord for this is right” from Ephesians 6:1. Why this is problematic is because with this concept instilled in the mind, the children being abused may fear to come out and report the incident. As that would go against the wishes of their parents; the same parents abusing them. Really creating an array of issues, and making the work for the police even harder.

Christianity and The  Truth

Intently looking at this entire situation analytically it shows that there are things that need to be amended in their application of the holy scriptures to the present times and situations encountered. Doing this so as to keep their members, and increase in the number of followers. Otherwise, more believers will keep getting iced out and not even want to be in the community at all.

The truth is that the faith has got many issues and all the problems can be fixed if the Christian body is willing to change the process, and the interpretation of the scriptures. Also, by engaging with the “outcast communities” that have been secluded by the church; that will bring those groups back in the fold. Actions speak louder than words, the church needs to put action and bring people in; accepting them freely.