According to the bible Christians are the ones that accept Jesus as the son of God and accept all his teachings

According to the bible Christians are the ones that accept Jesus as the son of God and accept all his teachings

Christians are people who follow Jesus teachings and recognizes Jesus as the son of God. The word Christian was first used by Barnabas and Saul in Antioch where they taught disciples for a year. From this verse disciples were called Christians marking first time the term was used (Act 11:26). Being a Christian means spreading his gospel to bring more followers to him. The second mention was when Agrippa challenged Paul to persuade him about importance of Christian Act (26:28).

As Christians, we tend to suffer word of God says we should not be ashamed, but glorify God in all situations. According to bible Jesus is son of God who was conceived through the power of Holy Spirit. The first step of becoming a Christian is learning who he is and believing in him. Jesus is a sacrificial lamb he died on the cross for our sins. We are privileged to have blood of Christ that washes all our sins, repentance brings us closer to his glory.

Must reflect image of our savior

It is not an easy task to preach gospel, there are challenges along the way like being despised, mocked, misunderstood, insulted, but we should follow Paul’s example who was even imprisoned for ministry. Faith is the weapon to overcome all obstacles, the bible says faith is achieved by hearing the word of God. As Christians, we should follow Christ’s example without fear, spread his word to nations, let it be known he is the son of God.

Must reflect image of our savior through obedience, bible says we are not saved by our obedience; We are obedience because we are saved. when we start learning about Christ Holy Spirit is given, apostles were given too, to preach the gospel. God granted us everlasting life and authority to ask for anything we want mention of his son Jesus Christ. Evangelism means preaching his word, it strengthens our walk with God.

Be an ambassador of Christ trust

Understanding the scripture makes it easy to know God and brings about desire to find answers for every difficult situation. True follower of Christ must be willing to change through repentance and confession of sins. After repentance will be baptized in water to seal relationship as part of God’s kingdom by an anointed servant of God. There is a gradual process of becoming complete Christian, through reading word of God often, and listening to inspirational messages from pastors.

Be an ambassador of Christ trust in him with all your heart, follow his commandments. Bible say, should have no other God beside me has created idols to worship other than Almighty some worship money. Prayers is the solution to everything it connects us with God. Pray for one another that’s what lord our father teaches us, love is the greatest gift of all. Bible tells us to love our neighbors as ourselves.

According to the bible Christians are the ones that accept Jesus as the son of God and accept all his teachings

When we are guided by God everything becomes possible for there is nothing impossible before him. Follow Paul’s footstep he showed his love for God and for sinners by obedience we should imitate his behaviors. Just like Saul be forbearing never revenge when wronged, scripture says the battle does not belong to us, our protector will fight all our battle. Troubles will always come, but when we fix our eyes to almighty everything is solved.

How wonderful is our father? That he gave us his only son to die for us. He owns all things ask and it shall be given to you. Build a relationship with God by avoiding sins, becoming a better person so that he will accept you. It is important to become friends with God his promises will endure fore ever. Because of his love we receive favor, protection, love, peace and joy. Sins separate us from our savior, there is enemy called Satan who will always tarnish God’s plan in our life’s, be alert at all times children of God write his word in your heart for guidance.

Open your heart for messiah great peace is witnessed, overwhelming protection is provided, wonderful things are seen. Making him our friend, spreading his gospel, respecting his word, loving our neighbors, are all qualities of a good Christian. Fear of the lord is the beginning of wisdom, knowledge is gained from scripture. If we put God as our refuge and our dwelling place no harm will befall us.